Professional countertop edging

Think that the top of your counter is all people look at? Think again. The quality of your installation doesn’t stop as soon as your stone is in place. When you partner with our highly trained professionals, we go one step further and ensure that the edges of your stone look just as amazing as the rest. Because it wraps down to cover the top of your cabinets, the edge profile of your granite counters and quartz counters makes all the difference between countertop perfection and a countertop that looks just okay.

Offering a variety of styles, we work tirelessly with each one of our clients to customize the counter’s granite slab edge shape to fit a certain style and look. Whether you like straight and smooth, or a bullnose finish is more your style, our main concern is achieving perfection the first time, achieving something sensational at every angle.

Committed to enhancing your countertops and demonstrating our dedication to you, no project is complete until you are satisfied. It is both our goal and our promise to provide superior results simply because that is what our valued customers deserve. High-quality work performed in a timely manner—you can trust that when you work with Granite Works in Fort Worth, Texas, you are working with the industry professionals who put your first.

Questions about your countertop edge options? Contact us today to find out more or to schedule your consultation.